Saturday, May 24, 2008

Twicebabies and the Horsey Ride

As soon as Daddy comes home from his long day, I mean, even before Daddy comes in the door, my twins hear Daddy's car coming into the driveway. When they hear Daddy's car, it does not matter where they are in the house, they run like lightening to the backdoor and wait for Daddy to open the door. When Daddy is inside, they say, together, "Horsey, Horsey, Horsey".

Daddy loves to give them horsey rides and they LOVE IT!! Having horsey rides is now, I think one of their favorite things to do with Daddy. Well, along with Daddy singing to and with them and taking them to the park.

Silly babies and silly Daddy!!

God Bless Daddy's and our TwiceBabies!!

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