Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twicebabies: Squash and Green Beans

My twins will only eat pureed squash or green beans. They have been eating this since they were infants and will not eat anything else. Well, I did find this new pureed food, it is natural and it has chicken and pasta stars in it. Twin B seems to like it, sometimes I have to beg Twin A to eat it.

Yeah, yeah, they should be eating more table food by now, but at least they are eating something.

About three months ago, I purchased this book my Jessica Seinfeld called Deliciously Deception and I have yet to use it. It seems real easy to do, I just purchase organic veggies, boil them, pureed them in my blender and freeze them.

So, why have I not done this yet? That is the Zillion Dollar question.

On my next grocery run, I will purchase some veggies and do this myself. Then, I can see what I am making for my sweetie pies...

God Bless!!

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