Thursday, May 29, 2008

Twicebabies and "No Hair"

My twins love bathes, again, but they still do not like getting their hair wet. Well, that is unless Daddy uses a cup now and has their head in his hand. Their heads can not be straight up or water and soap will get in their eyes.

My Aunt Barb made them these cute towels for Christmas last year and they love them. For one, because it is new and two it has a hoodie on it. My twins love hoodies...

Oh, my Aunt Barb also gave my twins these plastic books that can be read in the bathtub. One is a Winne the Pooh and the other a Brainy Baby book.

Eventually, my twins won't mind getting their heads wet, but for now, this is one of their many fears.

Silly TwiceBabies....

God Bless and Love Them!!

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