Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twicebabies and our Farmer's Market

This morning, my twicebabies and I went to our downtown Farmer's Market where Mommy purchased some cherries, oranges and cookies. These cherries are so sweet, oranges are very big and the cookies are really BIG.

When I took my twicebabies out of our SUV, the sun seemed to be getting hotter, so I rubbed some water babies sunscreen on their nose, face, shoulders, arms and legs. I used some myself on my shoulders.

After I purchased some fruit and cookies, I strolled to one of our downtown coffee shops. For one, to get out of the sun and two, get me a coffee.

Once home, I fed my sweetie pies and we took a nap until 2:30. When we woke up, we were supposed to go to my girlfriends son's 2nd birthday. But, it was still very hot outside. So, I called her and asked if the party was in or outside with all this heat. She said the party was moved inside. So, I said I would bring her son's birthday gift to her tomorrow. I did not want to drive to her home, with lots of people indoors now and with temps rising.

As our afternoon, progressed, I went to Target and our grocery store to get stuff we were low on. When I got home, our twins were out of control. They fussing from Twin B, in particular, was crazy. She was just whining and would not stop. We had our A/C on and our home was cool, so I had no idea why she was all fussy. I can take a guess though, she loves and always wants to be held.

They refused to be fed and once they were seated outside, under our shade tree, Daddy was going to feed them. Then, Twin A wanted Mommy to feed her. When I went outside, she wanted Daddy to feed her. Oh goodness, the drama in my home could fill the silver screen!!

Then, later on that evening, GaGa and Papa came over for a while and played with our twicebabies in the backyard. Gaga was pushing both babies in their red wagons around the backyard and having fun. Our twicebabies love GaGa and Papa.

Yup, this is not something new with my twins, their highs and lows, but when it all comes at once, that is when all they really need to do is go back to sleep.

God Bless!!

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