Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Twicebabies Sleep Tight with Mommy

Every afternoon now, for their nap time, my twins have begun to squeeze tight into my side. It is so funny because now that it is getting warmer, you would think they want to stay cool. But no, they love being close to Mommy.

The cutest thing is when I know they are asleep, I open my eyes and look at their precious, little angel faces. Their eyes are closed, arms above their head and they are clasping their KeeKee and blankie.

Babies, or toddlers as my babies are called now, are just so precious. It is a shame baby hood goes by too fast. You blink and your baby is graduating from Kindergarten, like one of my nephews.

God Bless Sweet Babies, who grow into toddlers, etc.

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