Monday, May 19, 2008

Twicebabies and the Outdoors

My twins love being outdoors, even in the heat. They do not care how hot it is, but Mommy does. For one, they can get heat stroke or a heat rash. Many babies, or toddlers, get heat rash so easily.

It does not matter, I think, if their skin is light or dark, babies, and toddlers, still have very sensitive skin.

Yesterday, my Mom in Law came over and we were talking about the rashes on my twins bottoms, she thought it could have been from the grass. Well, I did not think so as they do not sit on the grass, naked.

Then today at church, the one Mom I was working with in our nursery said her daughter and nephews also had rashes all over their arms, legs and face. She thinks it is from the sun. This sounded more plausible to me as I only put sunscreen on my twins arms, legs, knees, face, elbows and shoulders, not bottom.

Even under a shade tree, my babies can get a rash. So, to remedy this rash, I have begun putting Triple Paste on their bottoms. It seems to be working and it should for the price I paid for this large tube. I think it was $32.00,but I have also had it for a year.

God Bless!!

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