Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twicebabies and Daddy at the Park

Today, Mommy went to church while Daddy and our Twicebabies went to our local park. This weekend, the ladies of our church, minus myself and some friends, went to a retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. So, I worked in the nursery with another Mommy who is new to our church. She was in the nursery with me, her toddler daughter and sweet baby boy.

Daddy and our Twicebabies strolled to the park, stayed for a while, because it was getting real hot and they played in our backyard, in the baby pool that has built in sprinklers.

After church, I drove to my girlfriends home and dropped off her son's birthday gift and card. Well, he and his brother and sister, loved the gift. My hubby picked it out at Wal Mart Friday night. It is a Disney Cars Magnadoodle toy and everyone loved it.

Once I gave my girlfriends son the gift, we talked for a while then I left to go home and relieve Daddy. Plus, it was nap time for our twins and Mommy!!

God Bless!!!

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