Monday, May 5, 2008

Twicebabies: Spiders, Birds and Bugs

Recently, my twins, Twin B specifically, has been yelling at spiders and birds she sees around our backyard.

It is so funny because I will be doing something different and have to look at what she is yelling at. When I look, she is standing over a spider and screaming at it.

Then just right now, she was on her slide, looking up at a bird on our garage and screaming. Then, my twins were playing with their learning table, it was turned over and twin B say three pincher bugs. That was funny as she yelling at them and I had to remove them from her sight.

This the funniest thing. I suppose this happens a lot with toddlers who see something they have never seen before. Specifically a bug or bird.

You gotta love this with babies, or toddlers. All things, even bugs, spiders and birds are new to them. They do not know how to react, so they yell at these things.

God Bless little toddlers!

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