Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TwiceGirlies, Mommy and Auntie Leenie at Park

Yesterday Auntie Leenie drove to our home from her home in the Bay Area. We had a very nice day. The weather was, indeed, hot, but we drove to the park, even though the park was two minutes from our home. Before we all went to the park, I made us two turkey sandwiches, cut in half, brought some fruit, snacks, waters and Capri suns.

Along with the above, I brought two towels, one big blanket, sunscreen and FUN!

At our local park, the city installed a sprinkler system for the kids to play in. This is the same type of sprinkler system my twins and I used to play in, with one of our other friends, a couple of years ago. I over heard some parents close by saying this sprinkler system was not all like the one their kids used to play in from the city the live or lived in. Well, I am just happy my city FINALLY installed something to keep the kids and parents cool in this oh so HOT city. Big or small, it is about time my city got around to installing something for the very, very hot summer months.

Here are my twins, and Mommy, playing in this sprinkler system, which was a much needed addition to my city parks and recreation.

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  1. That looks fun! I love the hugging pictures. Your daughters are adorable!