Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cell Phones do not Have to be so Expensive

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With all the high end cell phones and their advertisements on television, the internet and billboards today, one might think these are the only phones around. As it turns out, there are some phones that not only look good, they are just as effective, even more effective, as these high end phones. Now that summer has arrived, it is very important to have a working cell phone. Whether you are in the mountains, at the beach, in your city or another city, this is the cell phone you need. 

These TracFone can be used all over, at a very low price.  In fact, these cell phone, by and far, are the only cell phones under $30.00. For a simple TracFone, the price is under $10. Yeah, this phone allows for calling and texting. For the more advanced TracFone, at $29.99, the cell phone user can call, text, take pictures and video, have web access, app capabilities, MP3 player, and use a QWERTY keypad! Wow, that is a lot of features on this phone. This is one amazing phone.

real TracFone customers

The Tracfone allows the user to pay as they go or purchase a card at any grocery or retail store. There are also one year cards which give you so much more. You can receive double minutes for the life of your phone and 800 minutes for only $119.00. Already this cell phone sounds so much better than the other high end phones on the market.  

If you are looking for a phone which allows for international calls, the TracFone gives you just that. This phone allows you to call 60 international locations, at no extra cost, unlike high end cell phone.  

real TracFone customers

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