Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TwiceToddlers and The Underwear Incident

Yesterday as I was putting my twins down for their one afternoon nap, it has not occurred me to take off their underwear and put on their pull up. You see, I have only begun to, once again, try and potty train them with their underwear. In the past, I had not trusted them enough to tell me when they "felt" the need to use the potty.

Usually Twin "B', more than Twin "A", would not tell Mommy she had to go potty. This did not make for a happy Mommy as I would have to clean up either type of potty mess. So, I opted for my twins wearing their pull ups full time.

Since last weekend, I have begun "allowing" them to wear their underwear again. Well, it has worked out well for all three of us. My twins are beginning to 'feel' when they have to go potty. The only reason I began letting them wear their underwear again is because they actually used the potty while in daycare. So, I figured, I will be bold and once again try the underwear training.

Getting back to yesterday. I put my twins down for their afternoon nap and I forgot to take off their underwear off and put on their pull up. Well, 40 minutes into their nap, Twin "A" woke up and was crying. I asked her why she was crying and then felt why. Twin "A"s pantes were all wet. I could feel she still had her underwear on! Oh my goodness! I had totally forgotten to take off their underwear. Now both my twins were up and fussy because they thought it was their fault for peeing in their pants.

I told them, "Oh, this is all Mommy's fault. I am so sorry girls. Don't worry, I will take off your sheets, wash them and I will give you a bath." Talk about a lesson in humility. Yes, even Mommy's make mistakes at times.

So today, on our way home from daycare, we poked fun at Mommy for not taking off their underwear yesterday and made sure to put their pull ups on today for nap time. My twins loved making fun of Mommy.


  1. Aw that is too cute. Your girls are adorable!

  2. I have done that too. When I took care of a little boy, I did the same thing. I felt so bad becuase he was sad that he had an accident.
    Your girls are so cute!
    Have a great day

  3. Potty training can be very frustrating, lol! Although, i did find it was easier with the girls than the boys :-) good luck!