Monday, December 31, 2012

Wonderful Christmas in SoCal

Ever since moving to Northern California I have gone home for Christmas every other year. This was my every other year and I had so much fun! I love being home for Christmas and my twins love seeing their cousins and playing with the kids their age.

The weather was awesome, as always and it was just a shame I could not have stayed down for at least two weeks. I did not go to any big name places on my Christmas vacation, but spending time with my family was all I needed. I mean, I grew up in SoCal so I was not really missing out on anything big, but it would be nice to go to Disneyland with my twins since they have never gone. I mean, it costs like $93 each to enter the park now. What would be cool is if Disneyland went back to buying a ticket packet where the "E" ticket was the best ride. My "E" ticket was always for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Oh but I digress....

Let's see, my whole family had a Christmas party at one of my cousin's homes, I had Christmas Eve at my sister's home and Christmas Day at my parents home. It was Christmas, Christmas and Christmas. My twins are so blessed, indeed. My twins are so blessed with love from their Nana and Papa and Auntie(s), Uncles, Daddy and Mommy as well.

Yeah, this was one of the best Christmas'  I have had in a long time because I was able to see all my family in one location.


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