Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How a Degree in Business Can Be a Great Option for Busy Moms

As busy parents, we rarely think of ourselves. Our minds are constantly occupied by our children, our partners, our children's education, our children's future, but almost never ourselves. This is just the nature of being a parent. That being said, as any self-help or wise friend will tell you, taking some time for yourself is vital and finding ways to better fulfill your own interests is imperative as a busy parent. Busy moms are the queens of putting off their own interests and their own goals. That being said, earning a degree in business for yourself is one of the best ways to fulfill something for yourself as well as for your family.  

As our economy continues to struggle, more and more stay-at-home moms are seeking ways to add to their income without compromising the time they spend with their children at home. This can be a difficult order to fill for many reasons, but it doesn't have to be an impossible one. Many mothers turn to the web with blogging or crafting to create parent networks and potentially add to their household income. By supplementing that passion for web business with a degree in business, busy moms can really make a splash in their income and build a career of their own. Consider an online business degree for these reasons:  

Least Impacted by Recession
With the recent recession and the rise in student loan debt, many people have been questioning the worth of a degree. While few will argue that the bachelor's degree has lost its worth, many might argue that graduate degree programs just aren't worth the cost in most cases. Unless you're determined to go into higher academia as a researcher or professor, obtaining a graduate degree can lower your chances of landing a job and put you even further into debt. That being said, a graduate degree in business is one extended degree that pays for itself in most cases. Employers seek job candidates with a degree in business, the degree is translatable to numerous areas, and degree holders have skills that can help them in home-business as well.  

Most Versatile Degree
A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most versatile degrees available. Those who obtain a degree in business are able to use their expertise in many different areas of enterprise. Employers from all different areas seek MBA holders for their ability to communication clearly, their understanding of business, and their well-rounded education. Importantly, MBA holders are equipped with the know-how and knowledge they need to create businesses of their own. For busy moms and parents, this can be the most valuable aspect of an online business degree. Your parenting blog that began as a hobby can be redesigned into a fulltime career with the knowledge you gain from a business degree program.  

Flexible Degree Program
As online degree holders everywhere can attest to, online degree programs offer the important aspect of flexibility for busy moms. Achieving your degree online allows you to design a class schedule that works with your home schedule. You can complete coursework, attend classes, and fulfill assignments from home while you take care of the kids and house. While, of course, keeping up with both your regular at-home duties and your class responsibilities will be difficult, doing so online makes it possible at home. With an online degree, you will become well-versed in online methods for communication. Many business programs that take place online will specifically focus a segment of time on online business and online entrepreneurship as well. This can be very useful to moms looking for alternative business options so they can remain busy, at-home moms as well as businesswomen.  

Karen Smith is a devoted freelance writer and business blogger. Her primary goal as a blogger is to inform her readers about pursuing a online business degree. She also enjoys writing about small business trends, Internet marketing, personal development, and sustainable living. Karen welcomes your comments below! 

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