Sunday, June 3, 2012

TwiceGirlies Practicing For Summer Dance Recital

My TwiceGirlies dance recital is at the end of this month. Oh I can not wait to see them in their adorable costumes in front of our family and friends. This year instead of taking ballet, they did jazz. I think they like jazz a lot better because it is a faster pace. The song they are dancing to is fast and from a girl I had never heard of until my girlies danced to this song.

Funny, but when I see my girls dancing, I see myself dancing in my high school's drill team. They are using the same dance moves I did like box step, grapevine, kick ball change, lock step and a couple more. The only thing my girls do not have to do is be part of a high school band to dance like they are today.

Even though my twins are taking jazz this season, they are considering ballet for next season because one of their friends is also taking ballet. My girls saw their friends ballet costume and WOW their eyes widened. The ballet costume looks like a princess gown.  So, we shall see about next season if they still want to take ballet again. If the costumes are as cute next season as they are this season, I will consider it.

Emma says she likes to do isolations and Abby likes kick ball change moves. Or it could be the other way around. My girls have been taking dance classes at Starlight Studios since they were 4 years old and love it. Their dance instructor, Allison, has a sweet disposition with children. Allison has patience with the little kids and the love her.

I usually sign my twins up for dance class in the fall or winter months. I will probably do the same thing after this recital. Fall sounds like a good time to began, but them their recital will probably be in the colder months. Maybe this is why I sign them up in the winter months so their recital is in the warmer months. I am not a fan of  cold, colder or coldest months.

Here are some photos I took of my girls trying on their costume two weeks ago. They like the costume and so does Mommy:

This is some of my headwear for sale now at Starlight Studios.
Now I make flower hats, headbands, hair clips and fance headbands.

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