Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Height Adjustable Worktables For A Happier and Healthier You

For people working at home or in an office environment day in and day out, they might want to be sitting in a chair and using a table the is right for their height. If an office employee is 5' 5", they will not be sitting at a table made for someone 6' 2" taller than they are. This is why using electric height adjustable tables is important in today's home or office environment. These electric height adjustable tables are ergonomically designed to any persons height. These are not your everyday office desks either. Even though everyone working in an office usually sits down and looks at their computer everyday, this electric height adjustable table is designed for standing up.

This style of office desk is something more indivduals and companies need to consider. For a happier and healthier office staff, the adjustable height desk is the only desk employees should be using. Let me tell you a little bit about adjustable height desks. These adjustable height desks, also known as, ModTables, allows for the user to have endless health benefits like increased metabolism and makes an individual healthier. Individuals or companies who purchase these ModTables will be more productive, not just in the morning, but all day long. People who stand up while working are more focused and have better blood flow. Another thing about standing up while working is there is a less likely chance an employee will fall asleep.

The best adjustable computer tables  are the ones that come in more than one color. Employers can look at and purchase these adjustable computer tables in silver, black, white, red and a wood like table top. These computer tables are also known to reduce cancer, mainly colon cancer. The reason behind this there is everyone in almost every office environment is sitting all day long. That is 8+ hours of sitting and hardly any standing and stretching. This can cause a higher risk of not only cancer, but heart disease to. When standing up, one is more likely to burn calories. These calories, over time, will turn into weight loss. All of a sudden the person standing will wonder how they lost all those calories. Not only will calories be shed, there will be happier and healthier people all around. The best work environment is where employees are healthy and products at the same time.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while doing a little research for my company. I just wanted to leave a thought. I recently started at my current position (we happen to sell ergo furniture)and this is the first place in 15 + years of working in an office setting that I've had the absolute pleasure of using ergo products. I wish these were OSHA mandated! What a HUGE difference. Everything you stated here is true. I usually use my sit/stand desk in the early am right when I get here to get rid of that "arggh" morning feeling, and then again in the afternoon when that "is it 4:30 yet" feeling hits. My focus is better, my energy levels stay up and surprisingly, my day doesn't seem as long. Please keep blogging! I think more companies need to be aware of the benefits for their employees. Imagine the increase in productivity! This comes from the user of the product in me, not the seller of the product (tho it's nice that I can combine the two since it is a product I truly believe in!) This is not a plug for my company! This is me as an office worker! Amazing invention!

  2. Hi Lacy! Thank you for your comment. I am sure the company I wrote this for will be happy to see your comment and praise for this type of workstation. If the company I wrote this for wants me to write another blog, I will.