Thursday, November 17, 2011

TwiceGirlies Mom Hanging Out with Casey

On Friday, my friend Casey and I went out for lunch at In N Out. This is my favorite fast food place to eat at. I have always loved it, I love their simple menu. It has never changed, ever and the best hamburger on their menu (it is not really on their menu) is the Animal Style Burger. This is a hamburger only SoCal peeps really know about. I grew up in SoCal and I ate this all the time. My friend Casey, who also grew up in SoCal, has eaten this style hamburger, so we both had one, with cheese, and it was delicious!! A simple, and never changing menu, is the best way to go. When there are too many items on a menu (shall I say the name of the *other* hamburger "restaurant", to choose from, it gets confusing and the quality of the food goes down, down and down.

I remember, growing up in SoCal, this commercial from In N Out where they talked about their hamburgers and how they never used *heat lamps, heat lamps* because everything is made with fresh ingredients, never frozen made when you place your order.

Yeah, you can tell I LOVE In N Out and when I moved up North, I was Sooo happy to see an In N Out in my city. But I digress.....with a smile of course!

Okay, so after lunch, we went shopping in a neighboring city. We went looking for Pier 1 Imports and do some other shopping..LOL well, we ended up getting lost. We thought we knew where it was, but we were wrong. So, we called another store to see what street it was on. When we got the street name, we knew the name of the street, but not sure what side of the city it was on..Oh goodness. We finally found the store and were so excited. Our city used to have a Pier 1 Imports, but they closed down. It was such a shame and it saddens me to this day. Other big, and popular, stores such as Pier 1 Imports also closed down in our city and I do not think it had nothing to do with lack of interest.....

Well, we looked around and found some really cute Christmas items. As I was walking though the store, I looked on their wall of candles and sprays. Now, years ago I used to always purchase my favorite scent, First Rain, but Pier 1 stopped selling it!! Oh I was so disappointed. When I was looking at all the Christmas scented candles and sprays, guess what scent I came across!!! Yes, it was First Rain!!! Pier 1 brought it back..there must had been more customers who liked it as much as I did. So, even though it took us a while to find the store, it was way worth it when I was finally able to purchase some more First Rain candles and spray..yeah!!

After Pier 1 Imports, we next door to Starbucks..they were having their buy one, get on free coffee deal. The day before, Casey and I went to Starbucks and I bought the buy one, get one free coffee. Casey got a hot Christmas coffee and I got the Peppermint was delicious so I got it again!!

Oh, we had a fun day...I love hanging with Casey..

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