Saturday, November 19, 2011

TwiceGirlies Are Flower girls in Cousin's Wedding

Saturday was my niece in law's wedding. My twins, her cousins, were in her wedding. Oh goodness, they were do beautiful and behaved so well. Yeah, even that surprised me and Daddy. The wedding was at 2:30 and we had to be at Auntie's home at 12:30 for primping from head to toe. The hairdresser working on the Twins hair just loved their hair because of their natural curls. Their natural curls made it easy for her to curl their hair under with the curling iron. My twins hairdresser is a twin too, a fraternal,  in fact. She thought my twins were identical. Well, so did her friends, until she began to grow out of her childhood. As we were talking, I told her about the fraternal twins next door to me. I said, "What are the odds on two sets fraternal twins living next to each other?"

Well, after my twins got their hair done, I dressed them in their beautiful flower girl dress. The flower girl dress was a cream color with a brownish bow sash around their waist. The brown bow sash matched the bridesmaid dresses. My twins had fresh flowers pinned to the back of their head with clips, that would barely stay in. The flowers in their hair matched the bouquet they walked down the aisle with.

Oh, I was so proud of them....

As for the bride, she was just lovely. Her gown was strapless and the train was not overly long, just the perfect length and looked stunning on her. She worn a veil, not over her face, but cascading down the back of her long and flowing, curly hair being held with a fancy clip.

When I look at the photos I took, I will post some here. I was not able to take photos of my twins walking down the aisle, but I am sure to receive all the photos with my twins in them..I hope to receive photos from the ceremony.

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