Thursday, June 5, 2014

Are You Looking For Ways To Stay Safe Online?

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If you are someone who has been part of the social media crowd since the mid-2000’s, you are more likely to be familiar with the dangers still out there, and on the rise, to those who have become, somewhat, comfortable, in this new way of existing online. Yes, the social media market has become a place of existence for the majority of people who are online today. The computer is no longer just used for the workplace or homework, no, now it is used to connect with old friends, talk to family members and even meet new people.

Yes, meeting new people can be fun, but can you really trust them? Did you know that there are over 20 social media sites on the Internet today? That is a lot of information you might be giving these places as well. Listen, it is not necessary to be signing up with all these social media websites, so if you can, stay with the top three where you know you will log on to everyday.

Speaking of top three, let me share with you the top three (3) things about yourself that you should never, ever, share online. Yes, yes, it seems the world is getting smaller and smaller, but this does not mean you have to give away all your personal information to this now small world.

  1. Sharing your password: This, above all, is a no, no. Please, whatever you do, do not share your password. It does not matter what website you go to, personal, business or government; do not give your password. If these places are asking for your password, leave these that website and never return.
  2. Sharing your home address: Oh yes, this is just as bad as sharing your online password(s) online. The last thing you want is for someone you met online to show up at your home uninvited. This is where logic comes into play. Please, use reason and logic when deciding to give out your home address. If anything, meet in a place wit lots of people, like a restaurant, mall or park, but do not give out your home address.
  3. Sharing your phone number: Sharing your phone number is just as bad as sharing your password(s) or home address. Privacy is still very important today and the last thing you want is to be receiving phone calls, from a stranger you met online, at all hours of the days.

Finally, our privacy is all we have these days. If we willingly give out this information, we are the ones to blame for having no privacy, right? Now, one might think it is no big deal, but what happens if something terrible happens to yourself or a family member? Will you remember the time you gave out your password, home address and/or phone number? Probably not.

Also, when you or your business are looking to do work in the cloud, and still rely on privacy, there is only one company to do business with. This company is SingleHop. SingleHop, through their automation platform, allows an organization to effectively migrate or deploy workloads in the Cloud.

I do not always give out my personal information friends, but when I do…oh heck, I never give out my personal information. Stay safe my friends!

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