Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why is it important for teenagers to begin a summer internship?

Whether teenagers have two or three months off for the summer, there is no reason for a teenager to be bored, at home, if they have no plans for going places with their family. Instead of being bored during the summer months, teenagers can earn some skills in the workplace. There are several places for teenagers to work where they can ‘get their feet wet’ so to speak. So places for teenagers to earn some internships credits, paid or unpaid, might be i

  1. An office environment: Not all teenagers have to work in fast food, which is usually a paid job if a teenager is 16 or over. Working in an office environment, especially in a place a teenager might want to pursue a career in the future, is a great way to learn a little bit about that company, before deciding if this is the career for them.
  2. Provide employer with things from checklist below:A summer intern will want to provide their potential summer employer with:
    • References (family, friends or past/current employer)
    • Research potential job before any interview
    • Make sure your Facebook page, or any other social media sites, look professional
    • Provide possible employer with a professional looking email address and finally
    • Provide employer with some personal networks where student might already know professionals.
  3. Teenagers will develop interview skills: The best way for a teenager to learn about a job internship is through interviewing. Teenagers will have to write up a resume and cover letter for their potential internship offer. Regardless of how may interviews a teenager sits through, they will develop interview skills along the way and learn what needs to be changed in order to acquire that intern job they desire.
  4. Benefits of doing an internship: It is important for any teenager doing an internship to impress their employer by following directions and when in doubt, ask questions about a certain task that is needed right away. In fact, going above and beyond, what is required of an intern will put the intern in a good light for a future internship or possible hire.
 Finally, when teenagers decide they want to apply for an internship, the best time for them to begin their search is in the winter or spring months, as this is when other teenagers will begin applying for internships as well. Stay ahead of the game and apply to more than one job for a better chance of being hired.

For teenagers looking for fun summer job, they will want to begin searching for jobs at summer camps in your city or state. So teenagers, do your best research on summer camps  right now, before the summer months begin. Working at a summer camp is fun, especially if you like to be outdoors. Right now is the best time to get an interview, and possibly hired. Learn more about summer camps and how to choose a summer camp for you child as well.

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