Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Girls This Summer

As schools begin to wrap up lesson plans and summer lingers just around the corner you probably have some excited kiddos on your hands, itching to be released from the confines of the classroom and let loose into the freedom of summertime. That being said, that means it’s also time to start planning fun activities that you all can do together so that they don’t spend all day cooped up inside in front of the TV. Little girls love to let loose and let their imaginations run wild, and these five activities will be perfect for them:
1.      Play dress up – Summer is the perfect time to pull out old, frilly dresses and costume jewelry, or hit up cheap thrift shops for fancy treasures to play dress-up with the girls. Spend the morning getting everyone all dolled up and then after everyone is in character take the afternoon to put on a play or film a home movie.

2.      Let them be fairies in the park – All you need is a cheap set of fairy wings, wands, and glitter from the local party store and your little girls can instantly become fairies flitting around the park. Running around is the perfect way to burn off some excess energy, and they’ll have a blast sprinkling fairy dust (ok, glitter) on plants and toys to magically turn them into something fantastic.

3.      Build castles and forts – Rainy summer days are inevitable from time to time, and that’s when you should bust out the extra pillows and blankets and transform the living room into a castle or fort that they can play in all day long. After they’ve had their fill of running through it you can pop some popcorn and put on a good movie for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of the couch… I mean, castle.

4.      Have a talent show – Let them invite their friends over so that they can put on talent show. The possibilities are endless with what they can come up with as their talents, and at the end of the day they can perform all of their different talents for all of the parents. That’s also the perfect time to host a pot-luck dinner!

5.       Go on a treasure hunt – Come up with a list of different treasures to find throughout the house or neighborhood and then spend the afternoon hunting them down. You can make it a group event or a contest to see who can find the most treasures; either way it’s sure to be a hit.
Little girls have vivid imaginations, and summer is the best time to let those imaginations run free. From playing dress-up to showcasing their talents to arts and crafts, there are endless possibilities when it comes to keeping them entertained. 
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