Friday, April 20, 2012

It Has Been A While...

Hello all my readers! It has been a while, almost a month, since I have written. You will  have to forgive me, but I have a new job and I love it. I am writing for this company, MinistryPlacement, and love it. The best thing about this job is I am able to write from home.

This company is based in Texas and my employer is a pastor as well the Senior Vice President of Stagetic Development for starting up church websites; along with helping churches post jobs and applicants upload resumes. It was very cool how I was hired and I am so blessed to have such an opportunity to work for a Christian. It is as if the Lord already had us ready to meet each other. He was looking for a writer and I just happened to be the writer he needed.

Even though I am busy writing now..and loving it...I will do my best to update my blog, at least two times a week.

Ta Ta For Now!!

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