Monday, December 5, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Keira attend "A Little Princess" at The Grand Theatre

A couple weeks ago when my hubby, twins and myself were driving downtown, I read on the theatre marquee that the Tracy Rep was having three showings of the play, "A Little Princess". So, I took a photo of the marquee and texted the pic to my friend Kim and said we should go. Well, she had already purchased tickets for the 20th. So I ordered tickets too, for the three of us, Mommy and Twins.

On the day of the play, in the afternoon, Kim and her Mom Maxine were kind enough to pick me and twins up. Those attending the play were Kim, Keira, Maxine, Angel, Me, Emma and Abby. This was my twins first time attending a play and wow, they certainly showed it...LOL. They were not still and kept asking me questions. My goodness, I thought going to the movies was bad, but having my twins sit still and be quite in a play did not compare.

I loved the play and I know when my twins get a little older they will be able to sit still and not talk during the play. Well, my three friends from church were in this play. I know the Director, one of the actors and lighting coordinator. They all did an excellent job and I can not wait to see another play they are in or direct.

Oh! One of my chiropractor's and his little girl were also in the play. It has been a long time since I have attended a play and this was just so much fun.

In May, I want to take my twins to see "Annie". This is a musical, so hopefully they will not chit chat too much and sit still..LOL..I would have taken them to see "The Nutcracker" this month, but....well...that would be more for myself and not them.

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