Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Keeping Your Messy Eater of a Baby Out of Trouble

Is your baby the messiest little one in the world? Having a dirty kid can be a chore indeed. Some children are very well-behaved in most situations. Woe betides the unsuspecting adult who tries to feed them at meals, though. Messy eaters are the worst to deal with because of the cleanup than afterward takes so much time and effort. According to clean-smarter.net, there are ways in which you can prevent the mess from ever reaching your clean kitchen floors.

Invest in a Bib and Use it
Bibs are remarkable inventions for parents around the world. Having a little cloth bib for your baby is perfect for keeping them clean and looking cute. You don’t have to just use it as a blast shield, either. You can use it as a towel to wipe up stray food when it gets everywhere! Babies can’t spit like adults can – your child is going to be dribbling food all over themselves without spraying it everywhere. Of course, as your kid grows up and learns to use a spoon alone, you’ll need more than a cloth bib. Plastic bibs are more heavy-duty and can catch the worst of the spills with ease.

Get Food That Isn’t Messy
The food industry has heard the prayers of beleaguered parents everywhere. There are particular brands of baby food out there that have specially thickened sauces. This food sticks to the spoon and doesn’t spill or spray all over the place. Other than this, you can get creative when figuring out what to feed your baby every day. Some food is less messy than other types. For example, you can mix cereal with bananas squished into a paste, making it a perfect source of good, non-messy nutrition.

Start Cleaning While Feeding
It's a very easy way to avoid walking into your kitchen after feeding time and wanting to drown yourself in the kitchen sink. Clean it up right then, if you notice a little spill while you’re feeding your child. Freshly dropped food is easier to clean.After feeding's over, take the ten seconds to wipe up after each mouthful, and you will see less of the nuclear fallout! Dab at the bib too if you want to. The cleaner it is, the less likely food is to roll off the bib and onto the floor.

Eat Outside More Often
It's a simple way around messy post-baby kitchens. Take them out to the deck every day in the summer and eat there instead! You get to expose your kid to the beauty of natural living. They get to make as big a mess as they want without destroying your floors. It’s a win-win situation that works for everyone!

Using these simple tips and tricks can easily solve your problem of a messy child. There are plenty of other ways in which you can use your creative mind to address this issue. Learn to deal with your child’s messes as soon as they happen – this is the best way to manage them.

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