Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Twins and Multiples are So Precious. Now, I am Creating TShirts for Babies, Toddlers, Moms and Grandparents

It is so much fun giving birth to twins, or multiples. They really do bring much joy to parents and grandparents. Twins and multiples are truly a blessing. With such blessing, it is fun buy some TShirts for your twins or multiples to wear about them being twins or multiples.

Now, I am creating TShirts for Twins and Multiples to wear. I am also creating shirts for Moms and grandparents. It is so much fun to brag that you are a parent, or grandparent to twins or multiples.

I know in my city, there are twins and multiples all over the place. At the school my twins were attending over the past five years, there several sets of twins and they are all over my city. Now, at the new school my twins are attending, there are really a lot of twins and multiples. 

It really is amazing how many twins and multiples are being born today. 

With this said, I found it would be great to create TShirts for this subset of society: twins and multiples.

Here is my website link for you to look at all my current Twins/Multiples TShirts for baby twins, toddlers, Moms and Grandparents. If there is something you do not see, that you would like, let me know at

I Love My TwiceBabies T Shirts

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