Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TwiceBaby "A" Goes Number Two in the Potty

Yeah! Twin A finally went number two in the potty. She did this all on her own. I was not even in the bathroom with her. When she was done, she came out to the family room to get me. She wanted to show me what she had done.

Well, Twin A, like Twin B, was very proud of herself for doing this all on her own. I think she was a little nervous with Mommy standing by as she was on the potty.

Now, Twins A and B have used the BIG potty.

This is wonderful because now, we can start purchasing Pull Ups. The sooner our twins are potty trained, for them, not me, the better. My twins do not like being wet or having a big, dirty diaper.

God Bless Twins who want to be potty trained!!

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