Sunday, June 8, 2008

TwiceBabies Play in Pool Today

The weather warm today, so, I blew up our new pool and added water to it. The water, of course, was cold, so we added several buckets of warm water to take the chill away.

Then, I put sunscreen on my twins and put them in this cure bathing suit their GG Fiddner sent them two weeks ago.

Let's see, they played in the pool, we added toys from their bath to the pool and they played with their buckets.

The weather was so warm, it got into the 90's, that they would sit on the side of the pool and fall into the pool.

My twins, they are so much fun, and yet drive Mommy crazy! They were fighting for toys, pushing each other off the pool, into the water, pulling hair and you name it, they were doing it.

Well, at least they were outside playing in the pool, and not indoors, watching TV (YUCK).

God Bless Sweet/Not-So Sweet, Twicebabies!!

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