Saturday, June 7, 2008

TwiceBabies and our Saturday

Today,we plan to take a walk to the park. That is if the weather permits us. Like I stated once before, I very much dislike weather below 80 degrees and those gale force winds. I mean, really, who likes yucky weather?

My twins would play outside in any weather, but if Mommy does not like it, no body likes it.

At the park yesterday, I had applied sunscreen on all of us, and yet, both TwiceBabies got red. TwiceBaby "B" on the back of her neck, Mommy and TwiceBaby "A" on our arms.

I think I applied the sunscreen a little too late.

I need to be more organized and 'with it' when it comes to taking my sweeties anywhere. I never seem to play ahead. My Mom always planned ahead before we went to the beach. The night before, she would get our car filled up with towels, sunscreen, umbrella and in the morning, we would fix our PJ&B's and Ritz PB Crackers.

The only thing was, I was not 'planning' per se to go to the park. It really was a last minute idea.

Oh well, after their bath Mommy put some cold Aloe Vera on TwiceBaby "B" and "A's" neck and arms, respectively.

God Bless nice warm days, even if we get burned a bit.

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