Monday, June 2, 2008

TwiceBabies and Sunday Morning at PapaGaGa's

This last Sunday, our twins spent the morning with their grandparents as Mommy and Daddy had to purchase a new dryer and dishwasher.

Yeah, we skipped church to make these big purchases. But, our twins love being at PapaGaGa's home where they play in the backyard and take rides in their plastic radio flyer.

Oh, and they love to look at the fishes in the pond.

After Daddy and Mommy purchased these much needed items, we went to Costco and got more diapers and other stuff we use on a regular basis.

It is never fun when one or two of your appliances decides to kick the bucket. But, I guess any appliance is not meant to last forever.

God Bless grandparents and new appliances...

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