Thursday, June 5, 2008

TwiceBabies and Ma Ti Ma

Just like every Thursday, Ma Ti Ma came to our home to watch TwiceBabies "A and B". And, just like always, TwiceBabies "A and B" begin their crying. I still do not get it. They love her and love playing with her.

Once Daddy left, they were fine though.

Today, they were going to McD's to play in the play place, then go to the park. They just love the park and that is a great place to get all that extra energy out.

I think we will be changing her babysitting date to Wednesday as she has to go to her next job right after her babysitting TwiceBabies "A and B".

God Bless Ma Ti Ma and all the energy she has....she is just like her Nina's!!!

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