Friday, June 6, 2008

TwiceBabies and Our Morning/Afternoon at our Local Park

This morning, my girlfriend from church called to see if I was going to the park. I said no because it looked too windy. But, as the morning worn on, and it was close to 10:00AM, I decided to put my twins socks and shoes on, and, without telling them where we were going, plowed into our SUV and drove to our local park.

Once at the park, I called my friend, who after doing something with her two boys, was going to meet us at the park.

Well, we had a great time. The wind was more of a breeze than a gale wind. Thank goodness.

The sun was out. In fact, I had to put sunblock on my twins and myself because I could tell they were getting a bit red.

My twins had a blast at the park. They played on the toddler and older kids play equipment, and played with their church friends as well.

There is this rope that crosses from one side to the other side of a climbing thingy. Well, both of my twins just loved it. They wanted Mommy to help them get up on the rope and help them get across. I did help them, but with the other BIG kids, I had to ask them to hold on to one side of the ropes so the BIG kids could get across by placing their feet into the square ropes on one side of the BIG rope.

Anyway, they had a blast. After we left, we went to Wal Mart to get some more waters, baby wipes, sunblock and sippy cups.

When we got home, Twin A went ballistic because she wanted to see Hi-5 and be with Daddy. Twin B was good and was actually sweet with Mommy. We both laid on the bed together and she just loved and kissed Mommy. She really loved hugging me which I thought was so precious. While Twin B and Mommy were being lovey dovey together, Twin A was throwing a temper tantrum on the carpet.

After about 10 minutes, she finally calmed down and crawled up to the bed and we all fell asleep, until 4:20PM.

God Bless Sweet Babies, even one, Who Sometimes Have Temper Tantrums.

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