Monday, June 2, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mommy's Morning at the Park

This morning, after we watched some Hi-5, I suggested we go for a walk. So, I put on their leashes-puppy dog and teddy bear- and went for a walk. While walking, we went down the street going towards our park. So, instead of walking home, we carefully, looking both ways, walked across the street to our park.

Once there, my twins were met with an infant and her Mommy. The sweet, little infant was swinging in one of the swings while I hoisted one of my twins up into the other swing. The infant, I will not say her name, was there with her Mommy, Grandma and second cousins.

Well, my twins were gawked over because of their hair. Everyone seems to just love their hair. Well, who could blame them. They hair an auburn with loose curls. People are so sweet when they comment on my twins hair. And, people just love looking at twins, even fraternal twins.

Although, my twins look a lot alike, even for fraternal twins.

After an hour and a half at the park, Mommy went into the library, used the restroom and we began our trek home. I kept asking if their feet were tired, they said no. My twins are such troopers.

Once home, we watched some more Hi-5, then they shimmied up into their highchairs and I gave them each their green beans first to eat, them a fruit.

Then, Daddy came home and they were going crazy. They LOVE their Daddy. Once they calmed down, they finished their lunch and we went off to nap time.

Oh, what a day. We had a blast at the park and my twins actually cooperated with Mommy.

God Bless Babies Who Obey Mommy!

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