Friday, June 6, 2008

SocialSpark...It's Live, It's Live!!

Yes, another great place to earn extra cash, SocialSpark. When you write ads for Social Spark, you can choose from over 100 companies or individuals seeking exposure on your blog or website.

I love the Social Spark website and setup. They make it easy for your to browse through their Marketplace and click on the Wait for Slot link. When the advertiser sees you are waiting for a slot, you will get an email in your email inbox stating you have been chosen to write an ad for their company.

Check out my SocialSpark profile, Mom of Twin Girls. My profile is simple and tells you a little about me and what I do. I am a SAHM with twins and love writing. Oh, here is another SocialSpark profile I like, The Mom with Brownies. Not only does she have a cool blog, she writes very, and kinda of thinks like me too.

This site is cool to because everything you do is out in the open. That is, all your fellow bloggers get to see how well you are doing and who you have written ads for.

Social Spark also have a Prop sytem that shows which bloggers have checked out your blog and added you as a friend.

This is a great website and for all you bloggers out there. This is the new and hip place to sign up for and begin writing paid ads. So, what are you waiting for!

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