Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TwiceBabies and their day of Fevers

Last night, when TwiceBaby "A" woke up, she was hot. For one, she was wearing long john style PJ's, like her sister and two, their room was warm.

So, Daddy and I gave her a little bit of Tygon. This began to work after a while and she fell back to sleep; along with her sister.

The morning, TwiceBaby "A" still felt warm, so I took her temp, and her sisters, and it read in the low 100's. This is not really a fever, as a fever usually is 104 and higher.

After our nap this afternoon, both my twins were warm and I began to think, this might be from them still teething. Their molars, way in the back of their mouth, still have not come in yet. I can tell because I still see some gum showing in both their mouths.

Since my twins were still warm, I gave them a cool/warm bath to cool their bodies down. It worked for a while, then sometime after 2:30-3:30, TwiceBaby "B" became real warm, her left ear read 103.6 and her right ear read 102.1. This still is not a high fever.

So, I went out to Wal Mart and got some more teething tabs and Tygon for multi-symptoms.
When I came home, the Tygon had begun to kick in and they were much better and much cooler. I also ended up not going to Bible Study (Revelation), to stay home with my sweets and help my hubby out).

Oh, my sweet babies, I laid down with them as they were getting sleeping, I think, from the Tygon, and their bodies were just so hot. I offered them something cool to drink and they declined. I hate seeing my babies sick when there is only so much I can do.

I can so though, a fever is a sign that their bodies are fighting off an infection, and that is one good think about a fever. Their infection, that I can only see is their molar teeth still trying to push through the gums.

God Bless Sweet Babies Who Do Not Feel Good.

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