Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eye Glasses at $8.00! What a Deal!

For those who wear presription glasses, it is time you check out the $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses. Their eyeglasses are amazing. ZenniOptial offers over 20 prescription eyeglasses for those on a budget. When you purchase the ZenniOptical eyeglasses for $8.00, you can choose from their Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frame to their Light Plastic Full-Rim Frame eyeglasses. If you purchase the Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frames, they come in Silver, Gray, Gold, Brown, Dark Blue, or Black. With these glasses, you can also choose to have a coating on the lenses and have the lenses tented grey, green, amber, blue, purple, pink, yellow or no tint at all.

With the Light Plastic Full-Rim Frame eyeglasses, you can choose from Black outside-yellow inside; Light blue; or Brown. These eyeglasses can also have an optional coating, along with adding a tint or no tint.

In order to purchase prescription eyeglasses, you do need to have an an eyeglass prescription to fill out your order. You can ask your Optometrist to give you a copy of your prescription if they do not automatically give you one. By law, you must get a prescription from your Optometrist.
When you place your order for eyeglasses with ZenniOptical, you are guaranteed every prescription order is meticulously checked by certified technicians. Your eyeglasses will be made accurately and with optical clarity before shipment. All you need to do is make sure your order is correct before finalizing it. This is because all sales must be final.

If by chance you are unsatisfied with your prescription eyeglasses, for any reason, you are able to return your eyeglasses with the order copy and case within four weeks and they will be refunded 50% of the cost of the glasses.

Just remember, you can not go wrong with ZenniOptical, they want to keep you looking fashionable and stylish at a price you can afford.

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