Monday, June 9, 2008

TwiceBabies.....And The Crying Game....

Every morning, like clockwork (orange), TwiceBaby "A", more than "B", will cry hysterically when Daddy takes a shower and has to go to work. This is getting so disgusting I can no longer take it.

And, every morning, Daddy has to tell TwiceBaby "A", he has to go to work. I wish she would get over this phase...TwiceBaby "B" does much better, at times, with Daddy leaving for work. Now, I only wish he would eat lunch at his office or a fast food restaurant, instead of coming home. When he comes home for lunch, this is when, all H E (double hockey sticks) breaks loose.

Oh yeah, it starts all over again and both twins refuse to sleep. TwiceBaby "A" again, has her temper tantrums. Not so much with TwiceBaby "B".

Daddy only comes home for lunch because his Dad has always done this. But, I am sure my hubby never went ballistic like our twins do. I only wish he would "get it" and stop coming home for lunch, otherwise, he and I will always have to deal with these pathetic temper tantrums that I can not stand.

God Bless Babies who will forever and a day have these pathetic temper tantrums....

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