Monday, June 9, 2008

TwiceBabies and our Local Park

This morning, without telling them anything beforehand, I got them dressed and shoes on. Then, I got my twins in our SUV and drove to our local park. Well, let me just say, in my city, if you decide to take your tots to the park between 11:30 on, the swings will be HOT and so will the slides.

So, Mommy, that would be, decided to drive to our local Tar'get and get their first nephew a graduation gift card for kindergarten. While there, I got them a cute floral T and some more chip clips.

Then, I got Mommy a Starbucks Chocolate Frapp, which I shared with my twins. When I found a place for us to sit, we shared the drink for a while, then got us a personal cheese pizza. Which they did eat, and some fell to the ground.

That was fun as my twins were actually obeying Mommy. When kids would run into Tar'get, my girls would say, "No Running!" That is because Mommy, that is me, are always asking them not to run in the house or when wet on our patio outside.

Silly Babies....

God Bless My Babies Who Retain Much!!

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