Thursday, June 12, 2008

TwiceBabies, Ma Ti Ma and Elizabeth

Today, Ma Ti Ma came to my home. For some reason, I still am not sure yet, we are still conflicting on which day is best for her to come over and babysit her little Nina's for two hours.

Anyway, today she came over with her friend Elizabeth and together, they took our twins to McD's to play in the play place, then over to our local park. The park was hot, so I am sure my twins did not play on the equipment. So, instead, Ma Ti Ma and Elizabeth played with them under a shady tree.

Well, when they got home, I could see Twin "B" was trying to go to the bathroom. She certainly was as I could smell it and see it. Remember, my twins are still teething. This means, they are still having yucky BM's, fussiness and low grade fever's. Today, both my twins had the first in this line of teething issues.

Oh, it was so gross, instead of changing her diaper in her room, I turned on the shower and hosed her down. But the most disgusting thing was me, ralphing in the tub. Oh goodness, I could not hold back, it smelled so disgusting and well.....I will not gross you out anymore.

Oh yes, the joys of having toddlers, still teething....

God Bless Twin Toddlers, Who Still Teeth, even with all the teething issues.....

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