Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Signed Up For SocialSpark!

Finally, a new place where you can monetize your blog. Yes, this is one awesome place to be. If your blog is over three months old, you too can write ads for companies and earn some extra cash.

Writing blogs have never been more exciting. Now, you get to bid on ads and wait for an approval. The Social Spark team is fun and inviting. Just remember, when you write for SocialSpark, following their code of ethics is a must. This is what their code of ethics is all about:

They provide you with 100% Audit-able in post disclosure. So, when you write a ad for Social Spark, a disclosure code needs to be embedded for your advertisers and readers web of trust.
Along with Audit-able in-post disclosures, there is 100% transparency. This means every member of SocialSpark is made visible to the public. Every SocialSpark blogger is allowed to see what blogger is working with particular advertisers. If you want to hide who you are working for, then you should reconsider your bid or working with SocialSpark.

Then, there are 100% real opinions on all the advertisers provided through SocialSpark. This means, depending on the relationship your have with a particular advertiser, you can write and say whatever you want about their product and service. Unkind or completely off-topic posts will in the long run, hurt your blog's credibility. That is why you are strongly encourage to only take opportunities that pertain to you and your blog topic. Also, if an advertiser ever suggests that you be dishonest, please let SocialSpark know right away.

Finally, SocialSpark is Search Engine Friendly. All the sponsored links on the SocialSpark website automatically carry the "no-follow" attribute so as not to affect search engine rankings. This is great! I mean, who really wants to have their rankings reduced for making money with SocialSpark! Nobody does! SocialSpark wants to protect bloggers and advertisers from search engine penalties regarding paid linking. With this said, it is best for both Bloggers and Advertisers not to remove the "no-follow" attributes.

When you decide to write ads through SocialSpark, it is within your best interest to follow the code of ethics and your ads follow the Truth-in-advertising model. Because you are writing for the SocialSpark website, they reserves the right to remove you from their system or cancel bounties if you violate any of their policies. Remember, if you have questions about their policy or suggestions on how to improve it, you can contact customer support.

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