Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TwiceBabies and the new "Unerwear"

As I mentioned in my last post, my TwiceBabies and I went to Tar'get today and purchased some Hello Kitty 'unerwear'.

Well, they, of course, loved the kitty on their 'unerwear' and wanted to wear them right away. After our naps, I helped them put on their 'unerwear' and within a couple minutes, TwiceBaby "B" had peed through them. You see, TwiceBaby "A" was on the toilet, she said she had to go pee, but it turns out TwiceBaby "B" had to really go pee, and pee she did, right through her new pair of 'unerwear'. So, I had to clean up the pee, wash out the 'unerwear' and dry them. I put on a new pair of 'unerwear' and she them let me really know when she had to go.

As for TwiceBaby "A", she never went pee on the toilet. But, when she and her sister were watching one of their shows, right there, in front of the TV, she peed!! She did not even warn Mommy. So, I had to clean her new 'unerwear, dry them and put a diaper on her.

Then, I used the kitty pee pee cleaner I get from PetSmart. That has a nice smell to it and cleans up even baby pee pee messes.

For now, it looks like my TwiceBabies will need to stay in diapers. They, for some reason, think it is alright to pee pee in their 'unerwear'.

God Bless TwiceBabies who pee pee in their 'unerwear'.

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