Monday, June 9, 2008

TwiceBabies and the Mall Play Place

After our Tar'get excursion, I took my twins into the mall, yes using the Tar'get shopping cart, (this do not condone doing as it makes the mall look trashy) to let them play in the play place. The only reason I used the Tar'get shopping cart was because I just did not want to take out my stroller for my car today, bad Mommy!!! Well, this I will not do again.

Once in the mall, in front of JCPenney, my twins played in the play place for about 30 minutes. Then, I wanted to go home, so I made the same reason again, "Let's go get your cousin a gift". This seemed to work because they did not resist Mommy.

After my twins were in the Tar'get shopping cart, we left Tar'get and went out to my car and went home.

Once home, thank goodness, Daddy was not home to disrupt our twins late, 2:30, nap time. We all slept until 4:40, got into our swim suits and played in the backyard, under our huge tree and in our infant/toddler pool with sprinklers.

God Bless Babies who sleep and are not disrupted by Daddy coming home for lunch!

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