Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Only Website for Everything Local...Where You Live!

Have you ever wanted to just do a one stop shop of finding everything local? If so, you have come to the right place with local yellowpages.

This website is awesome! I has all you will ever need in the city you live in or like to visit. If you want to visit a city anywhere in the United States, simply type in the zip code, city name, state or street address in the local search engine. For instance, you visiting Newport Beach, CA and want to find where the Old Spaghetti Factory is located. All you do is type the name "Newport Beach" in the location box. Then, a list of local restaurants will show up. In that list, you will see Old Spaghetti Factory. Now, click on that restaurant for directions and ratings on their food. That was easy to do and you never had to call anyone for directions or ask someone how good their food is.

After visiting Newport Beach, CA, you decide this would be a beautiful place to work and play. So, since you found this awesome restaurant, you now decide to use the local classifieds to search for an apartment, condo or home. The classifieds also have a categories area for whatever you are looking for.

Yes, it looks like is the best thing since sliced bread for all Internet users, that would be you, and you, and you and me!

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