Friday, November 11, 2011

TwiceGirlies Week With Nana and Papa-Starbucks with Papa

My TwiceGirlies birthday was last weekend. Before my twins birthday, my parents, their Nana and Papa, drove up to see them and celebrate their birthday. As soon as Nana and Papa arrived at our home, the only thing TwiceGirlies wanted to do was have Papa take then to Starbucks. Everyday Papa took his TwiceGirlies to Starbucks either after school or in the evening.

My twins love Starbucks because Mommy and Papa love Starbucks. My twins especially love the Holiday Blend coffee like I do. Well, I let them drink this every now and them. But for the most part, they drink a chocolate drink over ice and this tiny kids cup. I just love that kids cup, and it is at a good price too. I am so glad Starbucks caters to kids because, more times than not, parents will bring their toddlers or children to Starbucks with them.
Starbucks Holiday Blends

Anyway, everyday when Papa took his TwiceGirlies to Starbucks, Starbucks Card, the perfect way to treat a friend or treat yourself., he would get them a pastry too. They especially love the cookies. For Christmas and my Dad's birthday, I always give him a Starbucks gift card..This, IMHO, is the best gift to give to anyone, especially parents.

I might even get my twins their own Starbucks gift card for Christmas...

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