Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TwiceGirlie "B" Lost Second Tooth

Oh yeah, Twice Girlie "B" lost her second tooth. She is so happy...like her first tooth, she also pushed it out with her tongue. This time, she lost her at school! She really likes losing her teeth at school because the office nurse, gives her a little red, treasure box, to keep her very tiny tooth safe.

It is so cute seeing how my twins, both "A" and "B", react to feeling a loose tooth in their mouth. Twice Girlie "B" does not freak out as much as her sister does. Even though Twice Girlie "B"s tooth is loose and sometimes just hangs from a "string", she is not one to complain. Twice Girlie "B" can not wait for The Tooth fairy to take her tooth while she is sleeping, replace the tooth with at dollar in this cute gold (square) pillow. The pillow has two pockets on it..one in front and one in back. Then, The Tooth fairy sprinkles gold Fairy Dust over Twice Girlie "B", her bedding and her Twin Sister too!!

Here are some pictures Mommy took of Twice Girlie "B"s second lost tooth, smiling and holding her tooth.

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