Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When It Comes To Packing Your Kids Lunch, Use The PackIt Lunch Boxes!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PackIt for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have been purchasing those gel cold packets for you kids lunch boxes for school or on an away trip, there is  now a better way to keep your kids by packing your kids lunches in the PackIt lunch boxes. These lunch boxes will keep your kids lunches cold for up to 10 hours! This is awesome because if you ever make a Tuna, Turkey, Chicken or PB&J Sandwich, it is a good idea to make sure they stay cold so they will not spoil. The last thing a kid wants to eat is a spoiled meat packed lunch.

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These PackIt lunch boxes come in a convenient size of 8"x10"x5"( it is also this size with folded). Because of this size, the PackIt lunch box is easy to place in your freezer and or take on-the-go.

These days, it is important for all children to eat a healthy lunch. In fact, most teachers ask most parents to not pack sweet snacks for their kids. Sweet snacks are known to make children hyper during class time, so a better choice of snacks would be mini carrots, apple sauce, mini oranges and these do need to stay cool as well. Eating any of these snacks would not taste good if they did not stay cool.

These PackIt lunch boxes can be used for more than lunches you know. Yes, if you have babies, what a better place to keep their bottles cold than with the PackIt lunch box? These lunch boxes are also non-toxic so nothing will seep out onto your food or drink items which makes using the PackIt lunch box even more enjoyable!

If you watch The Martha Stewart Show, it is likely you have seen this product on her show as well. If Martha shows a product like this, you know she has tested it out and has given it a thumbs up.

Now, if you have two children like I do, you will need two of the PackIt lunch boxes. When you go to the Packt lunch box website, you can buy one for $19.95 and get one free! That is a great deal and this deal is not found anywhere else.

Now, I have already told you what I would use the PackIt lunch boxes for, now you can tell me what you would use it for. Share with me what you would use if for and why.

The creators of the PackIt lunch boxes were the brainchild of Single Moms, Jeanette and Melissa who thought there must be a better way to keep their kids lunches cool. The ice packs they used got lost and at times just packed ice cubes in sandwich baggies to keep the food cool. Their idea to create this PackIt lunch box was a genius idea and now you can use this for any event, school, work, playtime, the list goes on and on!


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