Monday, November 14, 2011

TwiceGirlies Mom Went to Chiropractor Today

Yesterday my hubby took me to his Chiropractor. I told the chiropractor who fixed my back and neck yesterday my reason for coming in today and the difference between chiropractors and GPs, in my opinion. I prefer Chiropractor's over any GP or other specialized doctor.

Well, I experienced an amazing appointment yesterday and will be going back again this week. One of the many reasons I prefer going to a Chiropractor is the care they have for their patients and they tend to be, like me, homeopathic and organic doctor's in general. Prescribing drugs is not something they normally do and, I am sure, try to avoid at all costs...I could be wrong....

I do know Chiropractor's know and understand the human body in a way a normal GP never will. Wellness, this is something the Chiropractor's I am going to really want their patients to focus on. These two Chiropractor's at Valley Chiropractic Center have a variety of area's they focus on for optimal health.

For patients who sign up on the Valley Chiropractor Center newsletter's, they will be able to look at natural ways to take care of yourself through exercise and nutrition. The exercises VCC offers on their website include using a Foam Ball, Exercise Ball, Resistance Bands/Weights and other exercises. It would be a good idea for me to purchase one of these exercise balls. I was looking at the about a year ago online, but never purchased one. Maybe it is time I consider one of these balls.

When it comes to nutrition, VCC recommends taking vitamins and supplements such as a multi-vitamin, a way to keep our cell wall healthy is consuming EFA(essential fatty acids) so as Omega 3,6 and 9. Vegetable oils do have Omega 6 and 9. 

Going to a Chiropractor is something I should have been doing when I was diagnosed with MS and the epilepsy came back. But, it is never to late to do something to help alleviate these conditions and or heal me. I have been doing my best to change my daily diet, but since I do not get organic foods, real organic foods, in my city...part of the breadbasket of CA, it is not so easy to change my diet..oh yeah and TJ's nor Wholefoods will not set up shop in my city either...

Well, I am looking forward to my next appointment and to see how well fixing my neck and back will stop the seizures from occuring. I have been seizure free since August 21 and this was before I went to my Chiropractor..I only wish the Neurologist I go to now would have suggested I go to a Chiropractor, but then again, why would he do that...LOL...

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