Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TwiceGirlies Mom Goes To Chiropractor...Again..

Today at the Chiropractor, I sat in a massage chair where I was massaged from my head to my thighs. I loved it..I am not sure how long in lasted, but I was able to look at the small fish and this really awesome crab species in a fish take. The crab had white feeler like things and their bodies were thin and it looked like they had two crabs. I had never seen crab like that before. Wow, our God is certainly awesome in all His creations.

Back to my Chiropractor appointment today. Let's see, today I had  the massage, then I went into a patient room to get adjusted for neck and back. I also told my Chiropractor why I was there, in case my hubby had not told him..well my hubby already told him. I talked to him about the a Atlas in my neck and if it could be damaged and this is why the seizures have returned after 26 years. He said this is possible and he could work on the atlas to loosen it up (I think this what he said, I will not quote him on this) and I should come back four more times so he can see if the atlas is being repaired. Well, this is my main goal for the auto immune problems that reside in my body...I do not claim these diseases as "mine" and never will.

When I watch TV commercials and people in the commercials talk about "their or mine disease", it just makes me is as if they are claiming this disease instead of overcoming the disease residing in their body and finding ways to heal their bodies and minds through a diet that will get their mind and body back on track.

These are the websites I have found to show me ways to heal my body and mind in ways the doctors I go to, not my Chiropractor, will not or never even suggest for me.



It is a sad commentary on the medical community today when they are not shown ways to heal their patients, only medicate them, until depression, fatigue, weakness, forgetting..and this list goes on sets in. I am very blessed to have found a Chiropractor who knows about the brain and body connection. He studied for a year in neurology and this makes all the difference to patients who have an auto immune disease, or two.

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