Saturday, November 5, 2011

TwiceGirlies Celebrate Their 6th Birthday at School

Last Friday my twins celebrated their 6th birthday at school. Ten minutes before their class was released for the day, and weekend, my parents and I went to the class and celebrated their 6th birthday with their teacher and friends.

The class all sat down in their colored carpet, Abby and Emma sat on each side of their teacher. Their teacher, Mrs. Moore, had this cute music box of sorts sitting on her lap. This music box is called the Hurdy Gurdy (this might or might not be the correct spelling). Anyway, Mrs. Moore wound up the Hurdy Gurdy and it played "Happy Birthday" to Abby first, then Emma. Then once the Hurdy Gurdy was done, the whole class chimed in and sang, Happy Birthday to Abby first, then Emma.

It was so much fun. I loved seeing my twins smiling and they loved being the center of attention in front of their friends and teacher. After my twins were sung to, they passed frosted cookies around to their friends, pink and yellow fall frosted, cookies.

I took a video of the singing to my twin girlie's, but, it would not load...oh would have loved it too.

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