Saturday, November 5, 2011

TwiceGirlies Sixth Birthday at Home

This year I had my twins birthday party at home. Last year we had their party at an indoor fun place with jumpers. So, this year I decided to have the party at home. At first, I had intended to have only family. As it is, my family is big so this makes my home full of people.

But, a week before their birthday, I asked my twins if they wanted to invite one to three friends. Since I did not send out invitations, but texted only, just one of their friends came to their party. This was fine with them and with me. My twins and their friend, Keira, played Duck, Duck, Goose! and Musical Chairs. It looked like they had fun. It rained on my twins birthday so these were good games to play I suppose.

My goodness, my twins received a lot of gifts this year....well, they get a lot of gifts every year..LOL This year, Nana and Papa got them a digital camera for kids. My twins just LOVE this camera and the best part is, it does more than take photos. I has a video setting and a setting for games too. So now, my twins will no longer be using my camera and taking videos with my camera as well. I just LOVE this camera too.

Another cool gift my twins asked for was this so much fun Disney Princess Ariel Fountain Boat Playset. This is fun and easy to use. My twins love having Ariel go down the slide and put water in the boat for a fountain affect. You can also put bubbles in the boat, but we have not done that yet.

Along with the awesome kids digital camera, Ariel fountain boat, my twins also received the Shrek and Lion King movies from one of their Aunties. Ever since my twins received Shrek, they have watched it nonstop! I mean, they want to watch it over and over and over and over again...They watch it so much, they almost know all the lines verbatim..I am guessing Shrek II would be the next movie to get them because I think this is the one where they begin a family..I have never seen Shrek II. The last time I saw Shrek was in 2003, on DVD, if I am not mistaken As for The Lion King, they have only watched this movie once and now it is somewhere it the Great Room..we can not find it..

Mommy gave the twins three movies too. I got them Toy Shop, GiGi (God's Little Princess) and The Retrievers. These movies are all so adorable. I especially love GiGi: God's Little Princess and The Retrievers. I have seen The Retrievers before on Animal Planet a long time ago.

My twins also received some very nice clothes from Nana, Auntie Amy, Auntie Leenie, a rope and soft socks from Grammie and Papa and a very soft floral jacket from GiGi and Auntie Janice. Auntie Janice also gave the Twinkies a Baskin Robbins GC too.

Oh my, I could go on...if I missed anyone...sorry!!

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