Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TwiceGirlies Love Reading!

Every Monday my twins come home with a "Sight Word" folder and new sight words for their homework each week. Mommy goes over their sight words everyday with her twins, but when I purchased this Fall Sight Words series from Scholastic, my twins have begun reading on their own.

Well, Mommy helps them with the big words they have yet to learn, but the "sight word books" use such sight words as: see, it, you, are, is, you...and these books are small and easy to read. I just love them and so do my twins.

This afternoon when they came home from school, the twins and Mommy went over their sight word folder and them my twins read Mommy all the Fall Sight Word books. Wow, they did an excellent job! I gave them a Hi-5 for every word and sentence they read correctly. Every time they missed a word, they go back to the beginning and start the sentence over again.

In class, their teacher shows them how to pronounce words through hand movements. I do not recall learning to read this way, but that was eons ago too. Anyway, it is fun seeing my twins learning to read this way. It looks like sign language and this would be awesome if my twins learned sign language too. I learned to sign in the second grade though. It would probably make more sense though to learn to read and write before learning to sign.

But I am getting off topic here...I just love seeing my twins learning to read and loving it. They see me reading everyday and I tell them how much fun it is to read. I told them to bring one of the Fall Sight Word books to school with them and ask if they can read their book in the big rocking chair to the class.

I am so proud of my twins reading......can you tell?!

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