Saturday, August 27, 2011

TwiceGirlies, Stars and Glow Sticks

For two weeks now, I have been promising my TwiceGirlies we would sit outside and look at the stars. I also promised I would let them open up and play with some more Glow Sticks. In order for my TwiceGirlies and Mommy to sit under the stars and play with Glow Sticks, I had one stipulation for them, that they would stop fighting with each other every morning before school and that they would be nice to each other during the day.

Honestly, there is not a day that goes by when my twins are stirring up trouble. The only time they are not arguing, fighting, kicking and screaming is when they are asleep. Yup, when they are no longer talking and no longer want what the other twin has, at that very moment., is when they are sleeping.

But, being a somewhat softy, I gave in tonight. Since school began last Monday, the only time I will let them stay out late to see the stars come out is Friday and or Saturday evening.

It looks as if I will never have twins who are loving and kind to each other...but I know prayer works and I pray for them to be just that, loving and kind to each other. This is a work in progress though and I know, I know, this is something siblings just go through. I know, my sister and I must have fought over the same things and did not get along when we were younger.

But I digress......

So, tonight, I opened one of my drawers where I hid the Glow Sticks and laid them out on my comforter. The container had 15 Glow Sticks and you should have seen my twins eyes light up. This is something I will have to give to  my twins for their birthday gift. In fact, I will probably give them two to three packets they can use during the fall season when the sun goes down a lot earlier.

Well, as soon as I opened the Glow Sticks and my twins began connecting them, I knew they were not going to be interested in the stars anymore. I still brought three Adirondack chairs out on the front lawn and I looked at the stars, while watching them connect the Gloe Sticks, take apart and re-connect the sticks to make necklaces, bracelets and hoola hoops.

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